It has been at the heart of the Glasgow restaurant scene for the past 50 years and now the Ubiquitous Chip is enjoying welcoming people back for the past week after restrictions eased.

Restaurants and bars were allowed to reopen from Monday, April 26 but with restrictions in place and no alcohol being served indoors.

We revealed the restaurant institution, in Ashton Lane, had undergone a revamp as it prepared to opens its doors and now the full extent of it can be seen in these new images.

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Carol Wright, co-owner of the Ubiquitous Chip, said: "Being open again is fantastic. The response from customers has been overwhelming. They appear to have missed us as much as we have missed them.

"Despite current restrictions , inevitable teething problems and magnificent seasonal Scottish weather, people have returned in droves.

"Over the last four months we have enhanced the Chip in many ways.
"We have opened up the kitchen so it's visible to diners, added a lot more colour and installed new seating and lighting.

"The trick has been to keep them all sympathetic to the soul of the Chip.
"It is strangely satisfying experience to be opening what feels like a brand-new restaurant that comes with a 50-year pedigree."

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Its 50 years since the late restaurateur Ronnie Clydesdale opened the venue and in many ways was a trailblazer for how venues present themselves and their offerings to this day.

The Herald: Ubiquitous Chip has welcomed diners backUbiquitous Chip has welcomed diners back

They were first to prominently display the provenance of the Scottish and locally sourced produced, something which became important during lockdown to even home amateur chefs, detailing the likes of Oban landed hake or Ramsay’s of Carluke bacon on the menu.

Now in the capable hands of Ronnie’s son and wife Carol Wright, with their son Ruaraidh, 19, also beginning to get a foot on the first rung of the restaurant empire ladder, they are looking forward to a more stable year as they emerge from lockdown and plan for the future.

The Herald: Glasgow institution for 50 years, the Ubiquitous Chip reopened its doorsGlasgow institution for 50 years, the Ubiquitous Chip reopened its doors

As with many restaurants they have had to adapt and have tables more socially distanced and they have added a splash of colour as well as new plants to give the restaurant the look and feel which people are familiar with.