ALEX Salmond has appeared to downplay the prospects for his Alba party, describing it as the “plucky underdog” of the election and omitting his “supermajority” mantra from his final pitch to voters.

In an eve-of-poll video, the former First  Minister asked for support from the “independence family” to get Alba MSPs elected via the Holyrood list system tomorrow.

Looking fatigued after leading Alba’s campaign, Mr Salmond, 66, said backing the SNP on the list was worse than a wasted vote as it helped elect Unionists “by the back door”.

He also took aim at the Scottish Greens as the other big pro-independence party on the list, calling them “totally divided” and “soft” on the issue.

Mr Salmond launched Alba on March 26 with the intention of creating a “supermajority” of Yes MSPs to put pressure on Boris Johnson to concede Indyref2 or legitimise other tactics.

However recent polls suggest it will get one or two MSPs at most, and may get none at all.

Mr Salmond also admitted this week there was no “exact number” behind his supermajority slogan, and it was merely a majority which was “more super” than others. 

Nicola Sturgeon has criticised the concept as unhelpful, arguing it gives the impression the mandate for Inydref2 needs to be higher than a simple majority of Yes MSPs.

The First Minister, who has stuck firmly to her “both votes SNP” message, has also claimed Alba may be off-putting to swithering No voters, as it is so focused on the core Yes vote.

In his online video to supporters, Mr Salmond said he had already voted SNP on the constituency ballot, and said he wanted to address his remarks “in particular to the independence family” who were “already convinced of the case for independence and are looking for when it’s going to happen and how it’s going to happen”.

Claiming the SNP will not pick up any seats on the regional lists due to their strong showing in the constituency vote, he said: “An SNP vote is sometimes described as a wasted vote on the second ballot paper.

“It’s actually worse than that. An SNP vote in the second ballot paper actually lets the unionists, Labour and Tory MSPs, in by the back door.”

He said the Scottish Greens were a “fine and estimable party” but are “soft” on independence.

The most recent polls put the Greens ahead of Mr Salmond’s party in the regional list vote.

Mr Salmond said: "So for people who believe that Independence is a priority, something which has to be put forward with urgency then the only vote for Scottish Independence on that second ballot paper is for Alba, the 'new kid on the block', the plucky underdog of Scottish politics

"The people who are trying to gain a bridgehead in the Scots Parliament to develop some urgency into the independence case."