SNP's Mhairi Black said she was 'unsurprised' by the turnout in the 2021 Scottish Parliamentary elections. 

Speaking to the BBC, she said Scots' engagement with politics has increased in the past seven years, since the independence referendum. 

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She said: "To be honest, I am not as surprised by the turnout, particularly as we look at the Scottish politics since 2014, I think the engagement has been on the up on the whole. 

"It's good that we are still seeing this level of interest and engagement from people when it does come to elections.

She added: "But it also tells us that it wasn't just us politicians who thought that this election was important. 

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"It actually was important to a lot of people and that managed to resonate with them."

Ms Black is the current MP for Paisley and Renfrewshire South and SNP's spokesperson in Westminster. 

She has supported the SNP's candidate for the Renfrewshire South Scottish constituency, Thomas Arthur. 

Mr Arthur was re-elected to the seat on Saturday.