Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar has vowed to use the next five years to create a “credible alternative” to the SNP, after the party's worst performance since devolution.

The party produced 22 MSPs this year, down from 24 in 2016. However, polls had Labour falling even further.

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When Mr Sarwar took over, support was as low as 14%, with forecasts considering the Scottish Greens in the third place at the expense of Labour.

The party leader insisted in the closing weeks of the campaign he was not running to be first minister in this election, but would attempt the election to the post in 2026.

As the final results came in, he said: “We’re on a journey to build a credible alternative to the SNP.

“Not just oppose the SNP, but to build a credible alternative. And that job doesn’t stop with this election campaign.

“I think even my harshest critics would accept we have run an energetic and enthusiastic campaign, we got Labour back on the pitch.

“That is something for us to build on for the next five years.”

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One Labour candidate also made history, as Pam Duncan-Glancy became the first permanent wheelchair user to be elected to Holyrood. 

Former Labour MP Paul Sweeney also took a seat at Holyrood on the Glasgow list along with Ms Duncan-Glancy.