MORE than 90 per cent of adults aged 65 and older in Scotland have now had both Covid vaccine doses. 

The latest vaccine data for Scotland shows that 92% of people in this age group (963,326 out of 1,044,284) are now fully vaccinated, although it generally takes around two to three weeks after the second inoculation before antibody levels peak. 

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It comes ahead of expectations that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will confirm a move into Level Two restrictions for Scotland from next Monday - May 17. 

That would allow hospitality businesses including pubs and restaurants to serve alcohol indoors again for the first time time this year, and allow small groups of people to meet in one another's homes again.

The Herald:

Although the vaccines do not provide absolute protection from infection, the risk of becoming seriously ill is very substantially reduced - particularly after two doses. 

The 65-plus age group has accounted for nearly 60% of Covid hospital admissions in Scotland since the beginning of the pandemic, and 89% of deaths with with disease.

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Meanwhile, the figures show that nearly 68% of adults aged 16 to 49 have yet to be vaccinated at all - around 1.6 million people, out of the 2.36m in this age group - although they may have some protection as a result of prior Covid infection.  

The Herald:

The Herald:

The vast majority are classed as 'healthy' adults, however, as 87.3% of adults aged 16 to 64 with an underlying condition have now had at least one vaccine dose, with 28.3% having had both doses. 

Research is also underway about whether to vaccinate children under-16 who are very low risk from Covid. Although they do contract the virus, children seem less able to pass it on to adults than older teenagers.