A poll has shown Scots are split on whether they believe the SNP has a mandate for a second Scottish independence vote.

The poll, carried out by Savanta ComRes for Scotland on Sunday found that 40 percent of Scots believe the SNP do have a mandate for a second vote, with the exact same percentage believing they do not. 

19 percent said they do not know. 

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The poll, which was carried out amongst 1,0003 adults between May 11-16, found that Scottish independence was the top priority for one in 11 people taking part. 

26 percent said the economy was the highest priority for voters, 16 percent said health, 11 percent said jobs with Scottish independence getting 9 percent. Education and the environment were the only other options that got over 3%.

When asked to pick years between now and 2026 for when a second independence referendum should take place, 17 percent of those polled said 2022 would be the best time for any second vote, with more than a quarter of Scots saying there should ‘never’ be another vote (27 percent).

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The Scotland on Sunday poll also showed the scale of tactical voting in the Scottish elections with one in five saying they had voted tactically in the 2021 ballot. 

The poll found 30 percent of those who would vote No in a second independence referendum voted tactically, compared to just 5 percent of those who would vote for Scottish independence. 

On the matter of Scottish independence, 43 percent of Scots saying they would back Yes, 47 percent stating they would vote No, with 8 percent of Scots undecided.