GLASGOW “may well” endure tougher Covid restrictions than the rest of Scotland for a second week, the country’s clinical director has said, as he urged the city's residents to get tested even if they didn't have symptoms.

Professor Jason Leitch warned the BBC Scotland’s Sunday Show that the travel ban in and out of Glasgow and hospitality restrictions could continue longer than hoped.

He also said people in the city, which has become a hotspot for the new highly transmissible Indian variant, should get tested even if asymptomatic.

He said: “If you haven’t had a test and you’re in Glasgow, you should do it.”

Nicola Sturgeon announced on Friday that Glasgow and Moray will have stay under level 3 restrictions for another week while the rest of mainland Scotland moves to level 2 tomorrow.

The move to level 2 means the relaxation of social distancing rules, larger household visits, a return of hugging, and pubs and restaurants serving indoors.

The First Minister said the Covid levels in Moray and Glasgow were too high for such unlocking, with the Indian variant a particular cause for concern in Glasgow.

She added: “We will get Glasgow and Moray back on track as quickly as possible.

"Although, given the nature of what we are dealing with, I cannot give guarantees, I very much hope that this time next week we will be setting out a much more positive and encouraging picture.”

Asked if the Indian variant was rising across Scotland, Prof Leitch said there were “small numbers” ticking up in the central belt and east coast. 

Asked if the one week delay until a move to level 2 was “absurdly optimistic” in the circumstances and if it would be longer, Professor Leitch said: “It may well be. We’ll give the best advice we can on this. Glasgow are doing an enormous amount of work. There’s testing everywhere.

“If you haven’t had a test and you’re in Glasgow, you should do it.”

Asked if the rest of the country should “brace itself” for the Indian variant spreading to it, Prof Leitch said: “I think we should watch and be cautious and be careful.

“We have decided with advice that on Monday the rest of the ciountery is sfet to move to the next stage, but we always said the hugging, the incteased hospitality, that should all be done very cautiously. So don’t go crazy, but we think it can be kept under control.”