Scotland is a matter of days away from setting a “very unusual” weather record for May.

If the temperature doesn’t rise above 20C by Friday, it’ll be the first time it’s failed to so by this stage in the month for nearly 40 years.

STV meteorologist Sean Batty said: “From what I can see, nowhere in Scotland has exceeded 20 degrees so far this year, which is very unusual by this point in May.

“If nowhere exceeds 20C before Friday, which won’t happen, it’ll be the first time that a temperature over 20C hasn’t been recorded before May 21 since 1983.”

The weather in the last two months has been mixed - with some areas enjoying the sunniest and driest April on record and others experiencing frosty temperatures.

 “I’m sure a lot of Scots would think it’s been a pretty rubbish spring, at least temperature-wise,” Batty continued.

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He added: “April had some big headlines, not all good though.

“For many it was the sunniest and driest April on record – which is pretty decent if you’re not a farmer, but it also came in as one of the coldest and frostiest on record for quite a few areas.

“So even though it was dry, it wasn’t quite barbecue weather, unless you were willing to be all fleeced up.”

Meanwhile, in St Andrews it’s been a rainy May with a month-and-a-half worth of rainfall in the past three weeks - which is 27 times the amount Scotland saw in April.

However, Sean’s hopeful that the weather will improve and temperatures will rise towards the end of next week.

He concluded: “It looks like we may finally break through the 20C barrier later next week as we head for the holiday weekend.

“I expect the weather to settle down through next week with some warm days in the low 20s, but still some chilly nights and a possibility that some spots could still get a frost.”