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Luxury cars were always large saloons, defined by superlative levels of refinement, a cosseting and relaxed environment, and effortless performance. Except for the Range Rover, of course - the exception to every rule. This car, a 4x4 or SUV, managed to evolve from utilitarian working vehicle when it was first launched in 1970 to the luxury carriage it is today, while never losing its off-road cool or its imperious on-road presence. 

And now luxury SUVs, such as the Bentley Bentayga, the Lamborghini Urus and the recently launched Aston Martin DBX, are broadening the range of luxury sector SUVs while adding a touch of sporting intent to the mix. 

But whether saloon or SUV, a key element of the luxury cachet is the rarity of the product, the glamour attached to the brand, along with the associated high prices these attributes bring. 

Affordable luxury 

However, car leasing can make luxury cars more affordable, more attainable. There’s no sleight of hand here, it’s simply the effect of not having to pay the full cost of the car from the start; instead you only pay for the period from new until the end of your lease agreement. The remainder of the value is then realised by the funder when they sell it into the used car marketplace. 

The result is that luxury cars are more affordable than you might believe. For example, the BMW 7 Series Saloon costs as little as £736 a month to lease, which includes VAT, road tax and delivery. For those drivers desiring luxury but wanting to reduce the environmental impact of their driving, then there is always the plug-in electric hybrid version of the 7 Series, which can travel in excess of 30 miles on the electric battery alone.  

Intelligent Car Leasing is a leasing provider based in Glasgow that offers professional advice and assistance on how to lease the latest cars, and part of a group that recently received Investors in People Platinum status.  

Martin Brown, Managing Director of the company, says: 

“Rather than committing a lot of capital to purchase a car, with its monthly rental payments spread over anything from 24 months to 48 months, leasing is a more affordable way to drive a luxury car. Our advisers are always helpful but down-to-earth, and will help answer all your questions.” 

Choice of luxury cars 

Unlike car retailers, Intelligent Car Leasing is not tied to selling one brand but can offer a wide range of luxury vehicles, ranging from Maserati and Porsche to Land Rover and Tesla.  

So whether you want the additional legroom of the capacious Audi A8 long wheelbase, the hybrid powertrain of the Lexus luxury LC Coupe, or the fully electric zero emission Jaguar I-PACE, then all these vehicles can be sourced and ordered by Intelligent Car Leasing’s specialist staff. 


More luxury vehicles coming 

If this choice of cars is not enough, then rest assured there are plenty more exciting new models arriving, including the new luxury Genesis brand. Genesis arrives in June with the promise of two models to be joined by electric-only versions later.  

But perhaps the most exciting prospect is the arrival of the Mercedes-Benz EQS. This car, a fully-electric equivalent of the S-Class, promises to take luxury motoring to a new level.  

With a battery range of nearly 480 miles, the new EQS will be able to take you effortlessly on your journey to most destinations without requiring a battery top up on the way. And should you require more electricity, ultra fast charging capability is part of the EQS package. 

“Whether you want electric only, or a traditional saloon, we can find an affordable luxury vehicle that fully suits your requirements,” adds Martin Brown.  

Make the change to affordable luxury 

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