If this weekend’s guide to seafood has whetted your appetite here’s my take on how best to prepare them. Not everyone likes raw oysters so here I’ve prepared them cooked. It’s an alternative twist to a simple classic.

Serves 2


12 x fresh shucked oysters

85g plain flour

25g cornflour (extra for coating also)

25g sesame seeds

225g sparkling water


1 x lime – zest and juiced

1 x red chilli, deseeded and finely sliced

1 x small amount of fresh ginger grated

100g mayonnaise

Spring onions and lime juice for garnish


Pre heat fryer to 190c. For the mayonnaise, mix all the ingredients together and chill until needed.

Next, carefully shuck the oysters and remove them from their shell. The shells can be kept to serve if you wish; thoroughly wash in boiling water and remove any excess oyster.

For the tempura batter mix the two flours and sesame seeds together and whisk in the sparkling water. Dust the oysters in some cornflour then into the batter one at a time. Lower into the fryer and cook for around two minutes.

Remove from the oil and drain onto a paper towel. Serve with a squeeze of lime juice and scattering of spring onions and the mayonnaise to accompany.