What's the story?

Penguin Town.

Tell me more.

The rowdy and adorable stars of this new Netflix documentary are on a mission: find a mate, make babies and not go extinct.

Coming under the spotlight in the eight-part series are a colony of African penguins at Simon's Town, near Cape Town.

Each summer, the penguins take over beaches, streets and even car parks in a quest to breed, bringing the town to a near standstill with their often-hilarious antics as they cause traffic jams, traipse through picnics and create general mayhem.

How so?

The lovestruck penguins – an endangered species – are ready to mingle.

Who are the stars?

Keep an eye out for sweet newlyweds Mr and Mrs C, as well as the swaggering crew whose boisterous antics have seen them affectionately nicknamed the "Car Park Gang".

Fun fact?

African penguins are also known as Jackass penguins because they make a sound similar to a donkey braying. Their diet consists of mainly small fish, such as anchovies and sardines, as well as squid and crustaceans.

Anything else?

The show is narrated Patton Oswalt, known for his roles in The King of Queens, Veep and Veronica Mars. The actor also voiced Pinky Penguin in animated tragicomedy BoJack Horseman.

When can I watch?

Penguin Town is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday.