Teachers have told Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Scots should have the power to determine their own political future and "the form of government best suited to their needs".

Members of the EIS, the country's largest teaching union, have overwhelmingly backed a motion calling for Scotland's "sovereign right" in this area to be recognised.

It was carried overwhelmingly, with 141 votes for and 41 against.   


Andy Harvey of South Lanarkshire Local Association (LA), who moved the motion, told the union's Annual General Meeting (AGM) that it was "about democracy".

Referring to last month's failed attempt by immigration enforcement officers to remove two men from Glasgow's southside, he added: "Whether delegates agree with it or disagree with it, nobody here can claim that you've been denied your say.

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"And this motion does not ask the EIS to take a position on independence. It asks us to take a position on democracy.

"Less than a month ago, [UK Home Secretary] Priti Patel, whose party won only six out of 59 Scottish seats in Westminster, ordered a dawn raid to remove so-called illegal migrants in the heart of Scotland's most ethnically diverse community.

HeraldScotland: Andy Harvey, who moved the motion, referred to last month's failed attempt by UK Immigration Enforcement to remove two men from Glasgow's southside.Andy Harvey, who moved the motion, referred to last month's failed attempt by UK Immigration Enforcement to remove two men from Glasgow's southside.

"With utter cynicism, this raid was carried out on Eid, when most local Muslim families were at prayer. It was a barbaric act. But, on one of Glasgow's proudest days, the people of the Southside, and beyond, formed a wall of human solidarity which demanded, 'let them go' - and it succeeded.

"Why was it, though, that the people of Glasgow were forced to face down the Home Office and Police Scotland? Quite simply because there was no other option."

He added: "No matter the parliamentary seats, no matter the votes behind them, no matter the size of a party or the union memberships, these leaders can do nothing to stop such an abomination happening.

"The root of the current constitutional debate in Scotland is a democratic deficit. And the EIS needs to take a stand to ensure that the people of Scotland have a say in whether that is rectified."     

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Bill Ramsay, also of South Lanarkshire LA, seconded the motion and said: "This is about the right to choose. It is a basic democratic principle."

Also speaking in support, Joanne Thomson, an EIS member in the Scottish Borders, said: "Some things are just Scottish. The people should determine the government that Scotland wants.

"This is not about how you vote on independence."