Dundee's council leader has warned that it would be a "disaster" for the economy and local businesses if the city was to put into tigher restrictions after it recorded the highest rate of cases in Scotland.

Dundee currently has 247.1 cases per 100,000 of the population and a test positivity rate of 7.5%.

While more than a 1000 pupils in Dundee are currently self-isolating. 

Council leader John Alexander described the situation as "alarming" when expressing his fears on what this could mean for the area. 

He joined NHS Tayside officials in making a plea to residents to get tested in a bid to control the spread of Covid-19. 

He said: "Sadly, covid-19 cases have continued to rise at an alarming rate.  We are now sitting at the unenvious position of having the highest rate in all of Scotland.

"If things continue to deteriorate, it will likely and inevitably lead to Dundee either remaining at a higher level, as the nation moves down to level 1. Or worse... see us return to a higher level to control the spread.


"That would be a disaster for the economy and for local businesses. We all need to do our bit to protect them and stop the city going backwards, irrespective of your view on restrictions.

"Each and every one of our actions has a consequence. Let's not get complacent and go backwards, please get tested and most of all, please, please get your vaccine."

NHS Tayside are putting on a number of drop-in clincs for vaccinations to deal with the surge and there is also mobile testing units in various locations in Dundee. 

From next week, there will be additional testing sessions in Menzieshill and Douglas, as well as continued drop-ins at DISC and in the city centre.

Hundreds of Lateral Flow self-test kits are also being distributed to parents and carers at schools in areas where case rates are higher, and in City Square this weekend.

Dr Emma Fletcher said, “Dundee is now the Local Authority most affected by the COVID-19 virus in Scotland and we must all act quickly to break this chain of infection.

“This is a simple plea on behalf of us all here at NHS Tayside and our partner agencies – get tested!

“We know that some people who have the virus will have only mild symptoms or none at all, and that means people are spreading COVID-19 without knowing it every day. They are passing it on to loved ones, friends and out to the wider community.

“And as a result of the increased number of COVID infections, we are sadly seeing increasing numbers of people needing medical care and hospital admission.

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“So please get tested. Even if you have already been tested before, please go and get tested again. Make it part of your regular routine to test twice a week and that way we can all play our part and keep as safe as we can.

“People might think they don’t need to get tested as they have been fully vaccinated, but even having two doses of the vaccine does not provide 100% protection against the virus.

“And for those who don’t think testing makes a difference – it does.

“Kirriemuir was a hotspot last week. We moved the testing units into the town and the community showed up in their hundreds to get tested. It worked. The chain of infection was broken, as people who turned out to be positive have isolated.

“There are so many places to go and get tested or pick up a testing kit, so please, get yourself tested.”