A Scots passenger plane declared a mid-air emergency last night.

Emergency services, including fire crews and paramedics, rushed to Glasgow Airport on Monday evening just after 9pm after a Loganair flight sounded a Squawk 7700.

The flight, which was operating on its Stornoway to Glasgow service, declared the alert as it travelled over Loch Lomond.

Images on social media show fire crews on the runway as they awaited the plane landing at Glasgow Airport.


A total of 22 passengers and three crew members were onboard the flight, and a spokeswoman for Loganair has confirmed to The Herald that no one was injured.

They say the alarm was sounded following an "alert" on the flight, which prompted the crew to carry out "appropriate action" and land safely in Glasgow.

An emergency squawk is used to identify an aircraft that has a possible issue and enables it to have priority over other air traffic.

"As per precautionary procedure, emergency services met the aircraft on landing," the spokeswoman confirmed. "None of the three crew members or 22 passengers on board were injured. 

“Safety as always is our top priority. We are grateful to Glasgow Airport for its support and assistance.”


A spokesman for Glasgow Airport confirmed to The Herald that the aircraft landed safely.

He said: "The Loganair flight from Stornoway to Glasgow landed safely just before 9.30pm with 22 passengers and three crew on board.

"The aircraft was met by our emergency services, which is standard procedure in a situation like this.

"All passengers disembarked aircraft without incident."