Scottish aviation bosses have warned against more divergence from the rest of the UK on international travel rules, after England announced changes to self-isolation for Amber list countries. 

Edinburgh Airport said that the Scottish sector was already "lagging" behind the rest of the UK and called for a four nations approach. 

It comes after the news that children and adults who have been fully vaccinated against coronavirus will not have to quarantine on their return from amber list countries to England from July 19.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps made the announcement to MPs on Thursday.

The changes comes in line with the lifting of all major restrictions in England on the same day. 

However, in Scotland there has been no confirmation as to if and when the changes will apply here. 

Nicola Sturgeon said at the Scottish Government’s coronavirus briefing that they were "considering carefully" the announcement made south of the border.

However, Edinburgh Airport said they were concerned by the First Minister's hestiation. 

Ms Sturgeon said: “We are considering that carefully, we’ll look carefully at the statement that’s been made in the UK and will come to a decision on that fairly soon in terms of whether or not that will apply to people returning to Scotland.

“We do really want to use vaccination to the maximum in terms of allowing it to open things up that previously would not have been able to be opened up, so I’m not ruling anything out on that front.

“But, clearly, we are at a fragile point in our pathway out of this, so we also just want to be careful.”

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In response, a Edinburgh Airport spokesperson said: “We wish we could welcome this positive news but we are concerned by the First Minister’s hesitation to confirm the same rules apply in Scotland and we fear we are headed for yet more divergence despite being told repeatedly that a four nations approach is preferable.

“What we do know is this will only damage passenger certainty and confidence while we remain in limbo – and those additional days of waiting represent potentially thousands of family and loved one reunions, business trips and holidays.

“Scotland’s aviation sector is already lagging behind the rest of the UK and further divergence will only see those other countries move further away from us, again placing jobs, livelihoods, connectivity and economic recovery under threat.

“We hope that this will not be the case and will be speaking to the Scottish Government to determine what will shape their decision process and what support will be in place if they decide to curtail the recovery of Scotland’s aviation industry.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson said: “We are considering relaxing restrictions for fully vaccinated travellers arriving from amber list countries, but it needs to be fair and deliverable.

“Where possible we will look to adopt a four nation approach for the re-opening of international travel. However, decisions on border health measures are a devolved matter and will be taken by Ministers on the basis of evidence and with the safety of our communities as our primary concern.”

“If the clinical and scientific advice is that it is safe and appropriate to treat vaccinated travellers differently, we will consider changes to the restrictions and we will make an announcement on that shortly.”