Nicola Sturgeon has confirmed that people travelling from amber listed countries who have received two jabs via a UK vaccination programme will not have to self-isolate from July 19. 

Her announcement aligns with UK Government rules, which have also scrapped self-isolation upon return from amber listed countries for fully vaccinated travellers.

It's good news for older generations, many of whom have received both vaccines. 

However, with under-18s unvaccinated, and no concrete plans to change this in the near future, what does it mean for family holidays?

Plans to vaccinate young people are up in the air as the Scottish Government awaits further guidance, but are children exempt from isolation on return from amber countries despite not being vaccinated?

Here's everything you need to know...

Will children under-18 have to isolate on return from amber countries? 

Despite not being vaccinated against Covid, anyone under the age of 18 returning to Scotland from an amber country will not be required to self-isolate from July 19. 

Like double jabbed adults, children aged 11-18 will be required to take a pre-departure test and another two days after arrival. 

Which countries are currently on the red, amber and green lists?

What has the Scottish Government said about foreign travel?

Despite changing the isolation rules for amber countries, the Scottish Government is still advising against non-essential travel

When will the travel list next be updated?

The UK Government is next scheduled to update its travel list on Thursday July 15. 

While the Scottish Government controls the travel lists for Scotland, so far its advice has mirrored that of the UK Government, with the next update expected on Thursday July 15.