The Olympics is set to be slightly different this year, but one tradition that will remain in place is the opening ceremony flag procession. 

While it may be smaller than usual this year, with many athletes choosing to avoid the ceremony for fears of a positive Covid case, it will be no less special. 

Taking up a large proportion of the ceremony's designated time, the flag procession see's every country competing in the games enter the stadium and plant their flag.

Athletes from each team are selected to carry the flag, with past GB bearers including Sir Andy Murray and Sir Chris Hoy.

This year, Moe Sbihi and Hannah Mills will take up the honour in an Olympic first which allows one man and one woman from each team to carry the flag.

Both are highly successful athletes in their own right, so here's everything you need to know about Team GB's Olympic flag bearers. 

Who is Moe Sbihi?

At 6ft8, it's not surprising that Moe Sbihi is one of GB's top rowers. 

Having won gold in men's coxless four in 2016 - in which GB are unbeaten since 2000 - this year the 33-year-old has moved into the 8+, the team's top boat. 

Sitting in the four seat, otherwise known as the powerhouse, the three time world champion started rowing at 15 through GB's world class start programme, which identifies potential future champions. 

The programme has proved hugely successful, with other graduates including gold medallists Heather Stanning, Helen Glover and Alex Gregory.  

Both of Sbihi's Olympic experiences have so far been successful, winning bronze in the 8+ in 2012 before proving victorious in Rio. 

It's a track on which he looks set to continue; the 8+ won European Gold earlier this year. 

Sbihi, who is yet to attend an Olympic opening ceremony, described his selection as an "honour" which comples his "Olympic puzzle". 


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He said: "It is going to be a surreal experience actually going to an Opening Ceremony but this year with the racing schedule it is actually manageable even if I wasn’t a flagbearer.

"It will be really special and will complete my Olympic puzzle. I’ve won a medal, been to the Closing Ceremony but now to actually turn up at an Opening Ceremony and be at the head of the team alongside Hannah it will be a lifetime memory that I will never forget."

Who is Hannah Mills?

Like Sbihi, Mills is no stranger to success and returns to the Olympics as the defending champion in 470 sailing, having won silver in 2012. 

Her position as flag bearer puts her in the history books as the first female GB sailor to have ever carried the flag, and only the fourth woman to have ever been selected. 

The Welsh athlete, who has been sailing since she was just 8-years-old, will compete with Eilidh McIntyre for another shot at gold in Tokyo.

Describing her selection as flag bearer as "the greatest honour of my career", Mills hopes the Olympics will lift the spirits of people in the UK after a difficult year. 

She said: "To be asked to carry the flag for Team GB at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games is not a sentence I ever thought I’d say.

"When Mark [England] told me I had been chosen, it was completely overwhelming and when I had a moment to think about what it meant I got pretty emotional.

"It is the greatest honour in my career and I hope more than ever before that this Games can lift our country and deliver some incredible sporting moments to inspire the nation."