Yeah, I know I have a tendency to resemble Fraser, the tv sitcom psychiatrist at times with his love for Sherry, but you know what; the Fino versions are a cracking drink for the summer. Served as cold as a polar bear's love life, they are some of the best patio wines you can find when the mercury starts to climb but just remember my simple rules.

1. Serve chilled and with food.

2. Obey all the rules.

Fino is one of only two types of sherry I ever really bother with to be honest, the other being the rich opulent PX. The rest of the styles are horrid to my palate, with some of them such as Manzanilla, reminding me of the day I tried syphoning petrol as a teenager.

Anyway, before the Spaniards excommunicate me altogether, Fino Sherry is an absolute delight but it has to be served right and for me, that's chilled to within an inch of freezing and served with fish, particularly shellfish. Unless you’ve bought in the bargain basement aisle, you should be experiencing a crisp refreshing white dominated by citrus fruits and the yeasty influence should leave no more of a mark than a lovely buttery brioche bread. Fino doesn't want to be left in the bottle by the way so if you only plan to have a couple of glasses, there are plenty of decent half bottles on the market.

Anyway, chill it and serve it with something that recently swam or crawled in the sea and you're in for a summer treat.

Tio Pepe Fino Sherry

It's easy to see why it's the market leader. It's on the lighter more approachable side of sherry, the palate is crisp and there's a faint but interesting hint of lemon on the finish. Great with fish or tangly Spanish ham

Sainsburys £9.00

Valdespino Fino Inocente Single Vineyard

A slightly more complex type of fino with hints of almond, citrus fruits and a toasty finish. Try this with grilled fish or even a ripe sweaty cheese.

Slurp £17.95

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