The Herald is campaigning to create a memorial to Scots who lost their lives to covid or have been affected by it. We have raised more than £60,000 and it will be located in Glasgow's Pollok Country Park. Our artist Alec Finlay is reaching out to people through I remember. 

What is it?

This simple form is a way to remember loved ones who passed away, or to record your own experience of the pandemic. They are anonymous single sentences on what you remember about the pandemic and all contributions will be archived.

The Herald: One of the many I remember submissionsOne of the many I remember submissions

How will they be used?

They will inform and shape a memorial to Scots lost to covid or affected by it, which is being created in Pollok Country Park, Glasgow, by The Herald.

Where did the idea come from?

The ‘I remember’ form was devised by the American artist Joe Brainard. The only rule is that they must consist of a single sentence that begins, ‘I remember…’ For confidentiality reasons, please only use first names if you refer to people. We recommend trying to make your memory specific and personal. You are welcome to contribute more than one ‘I remember’.

How do I get involved?

You can submit an I remember to or find out more at one of our open days or workshops at this link

The Herald: Reflections on the pandemicReflections on the pandemic

Where can I view them?

A selection will be published in The Herald and at

You can donate to the campaign fund at herald-garden-of-remembrance. You can also send donations via post to The Herald Garden of Remembrance Campaign, Herald & Times, 125 Fullarton Drive, Glasgow, G32 8FG.