It's Scotland's summer bank holiday today, with the country celebrating on a different day from England. 

Bank holidays in Scotland are decided by a different committee than in England, meaning the only shared holidays are Christmas and New Year. 

It's good news for Scots however, as we rack up one extra day, celebrating ten bank holidays in 2022 instead of England's nine. 

England's summer bank holiday takes place later in the month, but does Scotland have any more scheduled this season? 

Here's everything you need to know...

When is Scotland's next bank holiday?

After the summer bank holiday on August 2, Scots are in for a bit of a wait until the next nation wide day off. 

While England's next holiday is scheduled for August 30, Scotland's will not take place until November 30 in celebration of St Andrew's Day.

It may seem like a long way off, but it's an extra day that the rest of the UK don't mark. 

After their summer bank holiday on August 30, England, Wales and Ireland must wait until Christmas day for their next official break. 

How do the Christmas bank holidays fall this year? 

Christmas and Boxing Day fall on a weekend this year. 

As a result, people will also get December 27 and 28 off in replacement for the weekend days.

New Year's Day is on a Saturday too, meaning January 3 will act as the substitute bank holiday.  

What are Scotland's bank holidays in 2022?

Scotland will celebrate ten bank holidays in 2022, thanks to the addition of the extra day for the Queen's platinum jubilee. 

Here are all of Scotland's bank holiday in 2022:

Monday January 3: New Year’s Day (substitute day)

Tuesday January 4: January 2 (substitute day)

Friday April 15: Good Friday

Monday May 2: Early May bank holiday

Thursday June 2: Spring bank holiday

Friday June 3: Platinum Jubilee bank holiday

Monday August 1: Summer bank holiday

Wednesday November 30: St Andrew’s Day

Monday December 26: Boxing Day

Tuesday December 27: Christmas Day (substitute day)