The Scottish Government is being encouraged to "lead the way" and introduce a four day working week for its employees. 

It's a move that 9 out of 10 Scottish Government employees support, with the PCS union saying implementing the changes will show workers there is a better future ahead following the pandemic. 

According to a poll of 2,000 Scottish Government workers, the majority believed they could adapt their working methods to suit a shorter week. 

It comes as the four day week continues to dominant post-pandemic work discussions, with Covid showing businesses their potential to adapt and change. 

Here's everything you need to know about Scottish potential for a four day working week...

Will Scottish businesses introduce a four day working week?

The Scottish Government is just the latest institution to consider a four day working week in Scotland

Glasgow based packaging firm UPAC Group recently confirmed all employees would be moved to a four day working week on the same salary following a successful trial period. 

Earlier this year, Edinburgh based building contracter Orocco also decided to implement a three day weekend after consultation with employees. 

Funding for a four day working week was part of the SNP's 2021 manifesto, which promised to create a fund to allow businesses to "explore the benefits". 

What are the benefits of the four day working week? 

According to trials, a four day working week can increase productivity as well as the contentment of workers. 

The UK has some of the longest working hours in the whole of Europe, however our productivity levels are often much lower.

Think tank Autonomy, who conducted the aforementioned research on the Scottish Government's poll, believe a shorter working week could also help to improve recruitment and retain staff. 

It found that 70% of staff worked over the contracted hours while more than half of employees were unhappy with the amount of free time they currently have. 

Of everyone surveyed, only 4% were against the introduction of the shorter work week. 

Which other countries have introduced a four day week?

Spain is trialling the four day week in a world first with around 200 companies taking part. 

In what is believed to be the first ever national pilot, workers will complete a 32-hour week instead of the 35 or 37.5 hours standard of the UK. 

While other countries have proposed or considered similar schemes, Spain is the first to trial the four day week on a national level.