A plane travelling to Edinburgh turned back to France after declaring a mid-air emergency.

The ASL Arilines France aircraft, travelling on the Charles De Gaulle to Edinburgh route, declared an emergency just after 3pm on Monday after flying across the English Channel.

The aircraft in question is a Boeing 747-4YO with callsign FPO23F.

It was originally thought to be a passenger flight, however it has since been confirmed that it was a cargo plane, with two crew members on board.


A spokesman confirmed to The Herald that the squawk message was made at the request of Air Traffic Control after the crew experienced an issue with the cargo door.

They said: "Although it may have been an indication issue only, in the interests of safety they decided to return to Paris-CDG. This airport was closer than  Edinburgh at the time and is also the aircraft’s maintenance base. The crew did not declare an emergency and the nature of the issue did not require them to land at a nearer airport.

"With safety in mind the crew did seek to return to CDG at a lower altitude and this request was granted by ATC who, as stated above, asked for the squawk."