ALMOST 18 months ago, nightclubs in Scotland were told to shut their doors as the Covid pandemic hit. 

Little did anyone know just how long it would be before the clubs could reopen. 

Now there is finally some good news for clubbers and owners alike, as Nicola Sturgeon outlined the latest guidance on the Covid restrictions in Scotland. 

With most remaining restrictions set to lift on August 9, here's when you could be back in the nightclubs...

Are nightclubs allowed to reopen?


Nightclubs in Scotland can finally reopen on Monday August 9, as restrictions around the country ease. 

In a statement on Tuesday afternoon, the first minister confirmed that no venues would be legally required to close from August 9. 

It means that nightclubs and concert venues can reopen, while pubs and hospitality can return to normal licensing hours. 

Will I have to wear a mask in the club? 

Here comes the catch...

It is currently unclear what the rules on facemasks in clubs will be. 

According to STV political correspondant Colin Mackay, facemasks will be required in nightclubs. 

However, when asked about facemasks in clubs by Labour MSP Pauline McNeill, the first minister responded that the Scottish Government is yet to "finalise guidance".

More is expected in the coming days on the guidance for clubbers regarding face coverings, with Nicola Sturgeon saying she was "mindful" of the practical realities of asking people to wear them in such settings. 

What else is changing from August 9?

Nightclubs reopening isn't the only change to Scotland's rules next week. 

Social distancing will no longer be legally required, meaning dancing at weddings, and anywhere in fact, is allowed. 

And the dancing is no longer limited to small groups, with the caps on the number of people allowed to meet scrapped. 

Self-isolation for fully vaccinated people who have come into contact with a positive case will also change. 

From next week, those identified as close contacts who have had both jags must isolate until they have taken a PCR test. 

If the test comes back negative, people will no longer be required to isolate.