The Olympics are over and with only the Paralympics left, 2021's summer of sport is slowly drawing to a close. 

As people united around their screens to watch the Wimbledon, the Euros and the Olympics, it has shone light on the power of sport in bringing a collective morale boost to the country. 

And now, as the competitions come to an end, it has us wondering when the next major sporting events are scheduled...

Fortunately, we won't have to wait too long thanks to 2020's delayed tournaments taking place this summer instead. 

There are usually two years between major events which take place on a four year loop in even numbered years, but the Covid delay means two Olympic games will take place just six months apart. 

Here's when the next major sports events are taking place...

When are the next Winter Olympics?

The next Winter Olympics are a matter of months away, starting on Friday February 4 2022. 

Returning to a city not long free of its hosting duties, the games will take place in Beijing. 

Famed for its 2008 Olympic opening ceremony, the winter version will of course look - and feel - quite different; while summer weather in the Chinese city is hot and humid, winter temperatures will range between -6 and +5 degrees. 

The games will last 16 days, finishing on Sunday February 20. 

Although the winter games are not usually quite as fruitful for Team GB, we will still have lots of medal hopes and the sports make for great watching regardless. 

However, there will once again be a big time difference with Beijing 7 hours ahead of the UK, meaning more early starts for die hard fans.

When are the next Commonwealth Games?

The Winter Olympics will be followed by the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which will take place in Britain for the first time since 2014. 

Birmingham will host next year's games, which see's athletes from across the Commonwealth compete in a variety of sports. 

In some ways the event is similar to the Olympics but on a much smaller scale. 

Birmingham 2022 will launch on Thursday July 28 and finish on Monday August 8, with organisers viewing the games as a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to showcase the West Midlands on a global stage."

Like the Olympics, there will be a baton relay, which normally visits all Commonwealth nations and territories, and opening and closing ceremonies. 

When is the next World Cup?

If 2021 was the summer of sport, 2022 is the year of sport. 

The World Cup in Doha will round off the year, starting on Monday November 21 and lasting almost a month, with the final due to be played on Sunday December 18. 

While the World Cup is usually a summer affair, the temperatures of Doha in summer were deemed too high to play, resulting in organisers opting for a winter competition. 

After the huge success of this year's Euros, the World Cup is not to be missed, with Scotland, England and Wales all looking to qualify.