The first episode of Martin Compston's new thriller Vigil aired on Sunday night, with thousands of viewers tuning into BBC One's prime time spot. 

And now there is even more good news for Compston's fans - you won't have to wait a whole week for the next instalment because the second episode will air TONIGHT!

With a bank holiday in England, Northern Ireland and Wales, the BBC are celebrating with a double bill of Vigil, which is set in Scotland.

The storyline follows the disappearance of a fishing boat and the death on a submarine called HMS Vigil, triggering conflict between the police and the Navy, with Compston starring as Petty Officer Burke. 

Here's how to watch the second episode tonight...

How to watch the second episode of Vigil?

The second episode of Vigil will air on Monday night, just 24-hours after the first episode showed. 

The six part series will occupy BBC One's prime time 9pm slot on Sunday evenings. 

However, as a one off on Monday August 30, an epsiode will air at 9pm in a bnak holiday special double bill. 

If you missed out on the first episode last night, you can catch up on BBC iPlayer before the second episode airs tonight. 

Episodes will be available on the streaming platform after they have aired on BBC One. 

What did people think of the first episode?

Viewers took to social media to share their thoughts about the new drama, which according to one fan was "absolutely brilliant". 

Others tuned in to fill the Line of Duty "shaped hole" in their lives. 

Meanwhile, lots of people were relieved to find out they wouldn't have to wait long to watch the next episode: