The producer of the Inbetweeners Movie is set to produce a new film on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, with filming due to start next week. 

Chris Young was the producer who brought the Inbetweeners to the big screen, breaking UK box office records in the process. 

Now, his new film Silent Roar will begin filming in Scotland, written by BAFTA nominated writer and director, Johnny Barrington. 

Born and raised on the Isle of Skye, Barrington is no stranger to island life, an influence which is likely to have impacted his writing of the adolescent characters.

Here's what you need to know about the film, including when it starts filming and where exactly in Lewis the action will take place...

When does Silent Roar start filming in Lewis?

Silent Roar will start filming on Monday September 6 in the community of Uig on the Isle of Lewis. 

Filming is currently planned to last six weeks until approximately October 18. 

What is the plot of Silent Roar?

Silent Roar has been described as a "darkly comic story of adolescence, surfing and Hellfire" which takes place against the magnificent  backdrop of Lewis. 

The film revolves around Dondo, a young surfer struggling to accept the death of his father in a fishing accident and Sas, a high-achiever dreaming of escape.

Meanwhile, Paddy is a charismatic maverick preacher recently returned to the island.  

It features newcomers Louis McCartney and Ella Lily Hyland as Dondo and Sas, while Mark Lockyer, well known for his stage performances, takes on the role of Paddy. 

According to producer Chris Young, the film will capture "the unique landscape of the Hebrides as a backdrop to a story which celebrates the joy and the pain of adolescence in the context of surfing."

He added: "Having lived here for over twenty years, I’ve longed to find a film that can express the power and the glory of this landscape and its people, and SILENT ROAR is that film.

"Johnny is exactly the kind of talent we hope to unearth and support at Young Film Foundation - a great new writer with something unique to offer to global contemporary cinema. 

"We are hugely indebted to the people of Uig who will be providing us with their support and goodwill, not to mention our local line producer Shona Mackenzie."

He will be drawing on his Inbetweeners success throughout the project: "Our ambition greatly exceeds our budget but as I discovered with The Inbetweeners, the key to success lies in the strength of the script, the director and the actors and I’m confident that we have found that magical combination here.  Watch this space!"