ANDREW Neil is due to quit GB News, according to reports.

The veteran broadcaster has not appeared on the channel since he announced a “break” just two weeks after its launch.

Despite claims that the break was temporary and that he would return “before the summer is out”, Neil has still not returned to the channel.

Now, the former BBC man is expected to quit amid rumours of a power struggle at the top of the broadcaster.

Neil, who is GB News’s chairman and flagship presenter, was due to make his comeback on Monday September 6. That has now reportedly been cancelled.

Insiders told The Telegraph that he is expected to resign without making another appearance on the channel.

The paper reported that GB News chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos wants to take the channel in a direction more akin to Fox News in the US.

Another unnamed source suggested to The Times that Neil’s return to the channel was far from certain.

“I won’t believe it until I see it,” the employee told the paper. “Hopefully he gets over himself and comes back – for the good of everyone.”

Before its launch, Neil explicitly claimed that this would not happen.

Technical issues at the fledgling channel reportedly had Neil looking “close to tears” at one point in the early stages.

Two executives close to Neil - senior executive producer Gill Penlington and John McAndrew, director of programming - have both already left GB News.