Former first minister Henry McLeish is to appear in a special episode of The Brian Taylor Podcast today.

The politician, who previously served as Scotland’s first minister and leader of the Scottish Labour Party, will feature on The Herald’s flagship political podcast in a special episode at 6pm this evening.

The pair will discuss his new book: People, Politics, Parliament: The Settled Will of the Scottish People, and new approaches to Scotland’s constitutional future.

They will be joined by Michael Russell, political director at the SNP's independence unit, and Donald Cameron, Scottish Conservative MSP and shadow cabinet secretary for constitution, external affairs and culture.

In the hour-long special, which kicks off at 6pm today, the panel will discuss independence and the future of Scotland and the union, as well as taking live audience questions.

The live broadcast will be showcased on The Herald’s Facebook, Twitter and Youtube channels.

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Ahead of the discussion, you can send your questions to:

“The weaknesses and shortcomings of the union are the focus of political concern,” said Mr McLeish.

“It is not the four nations that are out of line, it is the idea of an unchanging, unstable, and uninterested union, drifting from one piece of political chaos to another, at home and abroad.

“I am delighted to be joining Brian Taylor in Thursday’s episode of The Brian Taylor Podcast to discuss my new book, and a new approach to Scotland’s constitutional future.”

Host Brian Taylor said: "Scotland is engaged in a fundamental debate.  The issue of independence remains the core fault line in Scottish politics.  

"The key question for the people to address is whether to opt for independence or stay with the union.  Broadly, as in 2014, Yes or No.  

"However, within that choice, the debate need not be binary.  

"There may be arguments emerging for reforming the Union. Henry McLeish served as first minister and, before that, as devolution minister at Westminster.  

"He is keen to spark discussion about a reformed union while stressing that Scotland’s devolved powers must be preserved and enhanced.  

"On my Herald podcast this week I will put those emerging ideas to the test, challenging their practicality.  

"And I will lead a debate on the issue with senior figures from the SNP and the Scottish Conservatives.  It should be both fascinating and informative."