From 5am on Friday October 1, vaccine passports will be required at some events and venues in Scotland

There are various ways to download proof of vaccination status to show upon entrance to these events, including an app which you can get on your smartphone. 

Vaccine passports will be required in the following settings: 

  • nightclubs
  • indoor live events with 500+ people unseated
  • outdoor live events with 4000+ people unseated
  • any event with 10,000+ people

Here's when you can download the app and how it will work...

When can I download the NHS Scotland Covid Status App?

The NHS Scotland Covid Status App will be available to download from Thursday September 30, the day before the vaccine passport rule comes into force. 

It can also be used for travel abroad because the app will show a person's vaccination status in line with the requirements for international travel. 

How will the NHS Scotland Covid Status App work?

The NHS Scotland Covid Status App will show a person's vaccination status and a QR code for each jab.

This QR code is a dynamic image and you will therefore not be able to screenshot the code.

Staff at venues which require vaccine passports will download the NHS Scotland Covid Check App, which is a QR code verifier app. 

You can then show your QR code to a staff member upon entry, who will scan it using the verifier. 

What if I can't download the app?

If you don't have a device on which to download the app, you can order a paper copy of your vaccine passport which is uneditable and uses special ink to prevent forgery. 

The paper copy will also have a QR code that venues can scan like the app. 

You can request a paper copy by logging into your vaccine portal or phoning the specially designated Covid status helpline on 0808 196 8565, open from 10am-6pm every day.

In addition, the downloadable PDF which is currently available on your vaccine portal will continue to be valid for a short period of time.