Chancellor Rishi Sunak will announce the autumn budget and spending review for 2021 at lunchtime today. 

It comes just months after the year's first budget, delivered in March 2021, while the spending review comes less than a year after that of 2020. 

The increased regularity of both the budget and the review is due to the Covid pandemic, which required huge government spending. 

Now Sunak will announce any increases or cuts to tax over the coming months, as well as how the Government intends to spend its money. 

Here's what you need to know about the date, time and how to watch the budget on Wednesday...

When is the autumn budget 2021?

The autumn budget 2021 will be announced on Wednesday October 27 to MPs in the House of Commons at around 12:30pm. 

This will coincide with the conclusion of the spending review, which the Chancellor is expected to announce at a similar time.

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How to watch the autumn budget 2021?

The autumn budget will be broadcast live on most major news channels, including BBC Two during Politics Live, which will start at 11:15am. 

You can also watch it online at Parliament Live TV

What is Rishi Sunak expected to announce in Wednesday's budget?

There are various expected announcements to look out for in this afternoon's budget.

Anticipated initiatives include: 

Minimum wage rise: The treasury has already confirmed a rise to the minimum and living wages for workers across the UK, however campaigners warn it may be cancelled out by inflation.

Digital overhaul for NHS: This aims to help tackle the huge NHS backlog and improve efficiency within England's health service. 

Transport investment: Money is expected to be given to certain cities to introduce measures such as improved transport links and tram systems.

Money for museums and galleries: A pot of £850 million is expected to become available for museums and galleries in England including London's V&A and the Tate Liverpool. 

Crime prevention: Money to help with crime prevention in England, with a particular focus on violence against women, is expected to be released.

Money for skills revolution: Cash for 16+ years traineeships and skills workshops is also anticipated.