Rishi Sunak will deliver the autumn budget today which will detail how the government plans to spend money over the coming months. 

It comes just seven months after the first budget of the year was announced in March, and will coincide with the conclusion of the spending review.

Various plans have already been leaked to the press, including a hike in minimum wage and investment in transport, however more will be unveiled later today. 

The chancellor will also use the budget to reveal any cuts or increases to tax, which will directly impact how much money we have to spend. 

Here's what you need to watch about today's announcement...

What time the autumn budget 2021 announcement?

The autumn budget 2021 will be announced on Wednesday October 27 to MPs in the House of Commons at around 12:35pm. 

This will coincide with the conclusion of the spending review, which the Chancellor is expected to announce at a similar time.

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What TV channel will budget be on? 

The autumn budget will be broadcast live on most major news channels, including BBC Two during Politics Live, which will start at 11:15am. 

You can also watch it online at Parliament Live TV. 

What has already been leaked? 

A number of plans have already been leaked from the autumn budget, including: 

  • More money for transport systems in cities in England, including Manchester. 
  • Money towards tackling NHS backlogs
  • Rise to national living wage and minimum wage
  • Money towards skills and 16+ education 
  • Money towards building new houses in England