Facebook appears to have gone down for some users again weeks after a global outage left users without Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

The eight-hour outage was left people around the globe unable to connect with friends and family.

On Thursday, the social media platform appeared to stop working for some users.

It doesn’t appear to be anywhere near the level of problems that occurred earlier this month.

Is Facebook down?

DownDetector is reporting hundreds of complaints as social media users struggle to access their Facebook feed.

The social media giant, which also own WhatsApp and Instagram is a crucial tool for businesses.

It comes as the company faced backlash over allegations it is failing to protect young people and prevent extremism.

Despite this, Facebook has recorded profits of nine billion dollars (£6.5 billion) in the three months to September.

Data also revealed the number of daily users had increased 6% to 1.93 billion since the same time last year, while the number of daily users for any of the firm’s platforms – including WhatsApp and Instagram – rose 11% to 2.81 billion in the same period.