COP26 may be over in Glasgow, but where will COP27 be held?

COP26 was the first COP the UK has ever hosted, 26 years after the first climate conference took place in Berlin in 1995. 

Ever since, cities across the world have provided the backdrop to the yearly summit over the past two and a half decades. 

Previous hosts include Buenos Aires, Bali, Milan and Paris, where the famous Paris agreement was signed in 2015.  

Here's what you need to know about where COP27 will take place...

Where will COP27 be held?

Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt will play host to COP27 in 2022. 

It will go ahead a year later than planned, with COP26 in Glasgow postponed until 2021 despite the original planned date for 2020. 

The conference will start on November 7 2022 and finish on November 18 2022. 

Which cities have previously hosted COPs?

The UK has never hosted COP before, making Glasgow's summit the first event on British soil. 

In hosting COP26, it joins an impressive list of cities from all over the world which have held the climate conference over the course of its 26-year history. 

Here are all the cities which have previously hosted COP:

COP25 in 2019: Madrid, Spain

COP24 in 2018: Katowice, Poland

COP23 in 2017: Bonn, Germany

COP22 in 2016: Marrakech, Morocco

COP21 in 2015: Paris, France

COP20 in 2014: Lima, Peru

COP19 in 2013: Warsaw, Poland

COP18 in 2012: Doha, Quatar

COP17 in 2011: Durban, South Africa

COP16 in 2010: Cancún, Mexico

COP15 in 2009: Copenhagen, Denmark

COP14 in 2008: Poznań, Poland

COP13 in 2007: Bali, Indonesia

COP12 in 2006: Nairobi, Kenya

COP11 in 2005: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

COP10 in 2004: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

COP9 in 2003: Milan, Italy

COP8 in 2002: New Delhi, India 

COP7 in 2001: Marrakech, Morocco

COP6 in 2000: The Hague, Netherlands

COP5 in 1999: Bonn, Germany

COP4 in 1998: Buenos Aires, Argentina 

COP3 in 1997: Kyoto, Japan

COP2 in 1996: Geneva, Switzerland 

COP1 in 1995: Berlin, Germany