Orkney is experiencing a surge in Covid cases, the latest figures show.

The health board reported 55 new cases in one day bringing the total number to 478, a significant rise on Wednesday's figure of 423.

Social gatherings, family clusters and travel to mainland Scotland have been attributed for the rise.

With a population of around 22,270, the increase would be equivalent to around 2,750 new cases in the NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde board area, which has around 1,183,120 people living there.

The board moved to reassure the public that it is managing the cases but said the public's co-operation was vital in bringing the numbers down.

A board spokeswoman said: "As stated earlier in the week we expected our positive case numbers would remain high.

"The main sources of transmission seem to be social gatherings, family clusters and travel to mainland Scotland.

"We want to reassure the community that we are managing the cases, contact tracing and ensuring people are supported to isolate.

"We do however, need your cooperation, please follow the guidance which you are given.

"Whether that’s the generic keeping safe guidance or guidance following a positive lateral flow, being a contact or receiving a positive PCR test. We need to work together.

"The Covid Assessment Centre will remain open this weekend (30th and 31st October) for anyone who requires a PCR test. To book a PCR test, please call 01856 888211.

"We understand there are general colds and respiratory infections in the community and we would urge you to be vigilant.

"Please don’t spread anything which we can avoid."