With Glasgow set to host COP26 over the next couple of weeks, thousands of climate protesters will descend on the city. 

It comes following demonstrations by groups like Insulate Britain on some of the UK's busiest roads in the run-up to the climate conference. 

Numerous protests have already been confirmed, with the largest expected to see 100,000 demonstrators march from Kelvingrove park to Glasgow Green on Saturday November 6. 

Here's what we know about the groups planning to protest at COP26...

Which groups are planning to protest at COP26?

Extinction Rebellion

Climate protest group Extinction Rebellion has already arrived in Glasgow, and on Friday afternoon, protesters locked themselves to the gates of Glasgow University.  

The group has a large section of their website dedicated to COP26, with a list of the all the protests they will run throughout the conference. 

Insulate Britain

Insulate Britain is another group likely to be in Glasgow for COP26, with the climate activists hitting the headlines in recent months due to their road blocking demonstrations. 

Ocean Rebellion

Like Extinction Rebellion, Ocean Rebellion has already shown its presence in Glasgow, with a protester dressing as Boris Johnson and setting fire to a prop boat.

COP26 Alliance

The COP26 Alliance is the group behind the march on Saturday November 6, which will see around 100 protest groups gather together. 

Greenpeace UK

Greenpeace UK will also likely be in Glasgow and joining the march next week, as well as potentially staging other protests. 

Green New Deal Rising

This is another group to look out for that has already made the news this year after they challenged Nicola Sturgeon over the Cambo oil field. 

Rising Tide

This network of groups campaign to share the message that climate change is a social justice issue - it is likely they will be staging protests next week. 

Friends of the Earth

Friends of the Earth is a climate action organisation that might appear at COP26, with campaign groups situated across the UK.