Asda has announced it will be introducing a permanent Quiet Hour in UK stores.

The “quiet hour” has been introduced to help customers with hidden disabilities.

The supermarket giant is launching the touching gesture after similar initiatives from other chains.

Last week, Tesco launched a similar initiative recognising that its stores with loud noises, bright lights and a large volume of people can be stressful for some customers.

When will Asda’s ‘quieter hour’ be?

The quieter hour will take place from 2pm to 3pm on Mondays to Thursdays.

 Asda’s chief supply chain officer and exec sponsor for disability Mark Simpson said: “There are an estimated 14.1 million people with a disability living in the UK, and 80 per cent of disabilities are hidden, so we hope that by introducing quieter times for customers to shop we will be able to make our stores more welcoming and inclusive for customers with additional needs.”

‘Quiet’ hours have been introduced by many supermarkets and high street retailers in recent years.

The time will see lights dimmed, music played at a quieter level and footfall reduced to hope customers with hidden disabilities cope with the pressures of doing their weekly shop.