Climate change activists have occupied a former homeless shelter in the centre of Glasgow to provide accomodation for people who have come to the city to attend or protest at Cop26. 

The 'Baile Hoose' has been opened in the former Hamish Allan Centre and asylum seekers’ night shelter on Centre Street, Tradeston, to offer sleeping space and food for people who have found themselves without a place to stay due to a lack of accomodation. 

A spokesman for the occupation said that they had been approached by other protestors and even delegates looking for a place to shelter as temperature drops overnight. 

The group have spent several days readying the centre and have now opened their doors to people currently sleeping in encampments which have sprung up in parks or on the streets.

The spokesman said: "We have been working for some time to provide a space for people who have been coming to Glasgow to stay. They have been sleeping in the streets till now or have been camping out in the open. 

"We're getting very cold nights now so we are providing a roof for people's heads and a safe and comfortable place for them to sleep. 

"This is a protest situation, not a squat and when Cop26 is over we will clean the building and re-secure it before returning it to Glasgow City Council."

The campaign group COP26 Coalition have come out in support of our occupation. A person involved in the Coalition said: “Yesterday a group of indigenous people approached us asking for blankets.

"I asked them why they needed them and they said that it was because it is very cold at night, as they were planning on sleeping outside.

"We have been struggling with accommodation for people arriving in Glasgow, as they’re coming in great numbers and hundreds are being left with nowhere to stay, which is even more worrying as the temperature drops.”

“Visitors and supporters are directed to the Baile Hoose Facebook page and Twitter for further information including personal and Covid-19 safety policies.”

A Glasgow City Council spokeswoman said: “The former Hamish Allan Centre has been closed for years and the building is not safe for human habitation. There are concerns about fire safety and possible asbestos.

“It was shut down, as it did not provide acceptable accommodation at that time and the residents moved to more appropriate Housing First properties. The council did not provide access to the building and it’s concerning that people have moved in.”