Limmy's Show, the sketch series by Scottish comedian Limmy is available to watch on iPlayer from today. 

Throughout the show, which has a cult following,  Limmy plays himself and a variety of other characters in observational comedy sketches. 

The first series was broadcast in 2009, with the second and third coming in 2010 and 2012 respectively, airing on BBC Scotland

A Christmas special in 2013 marked the final episode, with Limmy saying he didn't want to do any more episodes in the aftermath. 

Now all three series are available to watch - here's how you can tune in....

Where to watch all three series of Limmy's Show

You can watch all three series of Limmy's Show on BBC iPlayer. 

The original music accompanies the show, rather that the music which was substituted when the show appeared on Netflix. 

There are 19 episodes across the three series, plus the Christmas special which is also available on iPlayer. 

Revealing the news, Limmy tweeted: "I am happy to announce that all three series of Limmy's Show are now on iPlayer! Including the pilot! And with the original music, not that stuff I had to swap to for Netflix!"

The Scottish comedian has a huge following on Twitter where he often posts videos of sketches using the handle @DaftLimmy. 

His extensive fan base will likely be pleased at the news of the release, with series one and two previously only available on DVD, while series three did not come out on disc.

It was available for a short period on Netflix, before being removed in 2019.