A Covid update will be given by a minister in Parliament today while the First Minister attends COP26. 

Last week health secretary Humza Yousaf gave the Covid announcement to Parliament, confirming that hospitalisations were on the rise. 

Glasgow has been hosting the climate summit since October 31, which has seen thousands of people flock to the city. 

Experts warned before the conference that we could potentially see a rise in cases in the aftermath due to the large influx of people to the city. 

However, the Scottish government said it was doing everything it could to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading. 

Nicola Sturgeon will once again be absent from Parliament today as she continues with hosting duties. 

It is likely Humza Yousaf will provide the update, however this is yet to be confirmed. 

Here's what you need to know about how to watch and what will be said...

What time is the Covid update today?

As usual, the Covid update will take place around 2:15pm, after topical questions. 

The exact timing of the statement will as always depend on the previous issues running to time. 

How can I watch the Covid update today?

You can watch the Covid update on the Scottish Parliament TV or on the Scottish government's social media channels, where it will be livestreamed. 

It was also be broadcast on BBC Scotland from 2:15pm. 

What will the Covid update say today? 

There will be the usual update of Covid figures, including the number of daily cases, hospitalisations and deaths. 

As COP26 continues, there could also be an update of the number of cases that have been recorded at the conference and as we head further into winter, we can perhaps expect an update of how the NHS will cope with increased demand.