Glasgow's lord provost has urged COP26 delegates to 'respect' the city after it emerged Covid testing kits have been found dumped close to the summit venue.

Attendeeds are said to have been spotted testing themselves metres away from the entrance to the SEC and discarding the used kits on the street.

According to a report in The Times dozens have been found outside the venue, where visitors must return a negative result each day to enter the climate summit.

While some conference guests complete Covid tests at Nuffield Health and Wellbeing gym on Finnieston Street, the official test centre, others have been given kits to administer themselves before leaving their accommodation.

However, some are said to have ignored NHS Test and Trace signs not to use the lateral flow kits in the area. The number of delegates testing on the street is said to increase after 5pm.

Philip Braat, the lord provost of Glasgow, said: "We welcome all delegates and activists to enjoy their stay in our city, but I hope that they will also respect our city by not littering.

"There should be no reason or excuse for littering and I would urge everyone to use the bins on our street or in our venues."

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: "Everyone knows that littering is unnacceptable, wherever it happens and whatever is being discarded.

"There is no excuse not to wait to use a bin."