A shooting star display could be visible in the UK on multiple occasions this week as the Leonid meteor shower makes its annual appearance. 

The Leonid shower is one of the most prolific meteor showers of the year and is associated with large numbers of shooting stars. 

It's usually spotted in mid-November, however it is best seen in clear weather conditions. 

Here's everything you need to know about the Leonid meteor shower this week and whether you can see it in Scotland...

When will the Leonid meteor shower occur in UK?

The best time to see the Leonid meteor shower in the UK this week is in the early hours of Thursday morning, between midnight and dawn. 

It is expected to be clearest just before dawn when the moon has set, with predictions suggesting we could see up to 15 meteors per hour. 

The meteor shower could be spotted throughout the month, however it will likely be strongest and therefore most visible early in the morning on November 18. 

Can I see the Leonid meteor shower in Scotland?

To spot the Leonid meteor shower, certain conditions are required, including a clear night sky. 

Unfortunately, weather conditions in Scotland for early Thursday morning look set to be cloudy with rain, which does not provide ideal conditions for seeing shooting stars. 

Those in the south are in for a better chance at seeing the display, with more intermittent cloud and dry weather forecast. 

However, we can't rule out seeing the meteor shower in Scotland for good; even though Thursday morning will mark the point with the most shooting stars, the Leonid shower could continue in the following days, just with fewer meteors. 

It's best therefore to keep your eyes peeled over the coming days to be in with a chance of spotting some shooting stars.

Where am I most likely to see shooting stars?

Generally, the shooting stars are easier to see in rural places away from street lights and light pollution. 

It's also good to be in a wide open space to give maximum opportunity to see the stars light up the sky.