FIVE people have been killed and at least 40 injured after a car ploughed into a parade in the US state of Wisconsin.

Footage shows a red SUV driving through the Christmas parade in the city of Waukesha, west of Milwaukee, at around 4.40pm local time.

According to police chief Dan Thompson, it hit dozens of people, including children.

One person is in custody, the BBC reports.

One law enforcement official told CBS News that the incident does not appear “at this time” to be an act of terrorism.

They say the suspect appeared to be fleeing another scene when he ran into people at the parade.


Local resident Angelito Tenorio told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper: “We heard a loud bang, and just deafening cries and screams from people who are struck by the vehicle”.

Police in Waukesha warned that the number of fatalities and injuries could change as they "collect additional information", adding that many people had "self-transported" to local hospitals.

The parade in Waukesha - a community of about 72,000 people - is held every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, and includes fancy dress, dancers and marching bands. This year's theme was "comfort and joy".

Chief Thompson said officers had recovered a "suspect vehicle" and a person of interest was in custody, but gave no further details. He added that the investigation was "very fluid".

Police fired at the car to try to stop it, he said.

Fire chief Steven Howard told reporters that his department had taken 11 adults and 12 children to nearby hospitals after the incident. The city's police department later said Waukesha's public schools would be closed on Monday.

Mayor Shawn Reilly meanwhile said it was a "traumatic" time for the city. "My heart goes out to all those affected by this senseless act," he said.