Where is it?

Pietrasanta, Tuscany.

Why do you go there?

My partner Ian organises tennis holidays in Tuscany, so I always used to tag along, particularly when the kids were younger and he was away for a number of weeks.

Pietrasanta is a small medieval town a few kilometres inland from the coast. There are no cars allowed in the centre, so it is an ideal place to wander around. When my kids were little it was good to be able to give them a bit of freedom after a day at the beach.

Every summer there is an outdoor art exhibition in the streets of Pietrasanta which means there is no pressure to organise activities. It's just a case of getting a lovely ice cream and moseying around.

The Herald: Kaye Adams presents Scotland's Best Dog. Picture: Thomas Skinner/Red Sky Productions/BBC ScotlandKaye Adams presents Scotland's Best Dog. Picture: Thomas Skinner/Red Sky Productions/BBC Scotland

How often do you go?

We used to go on an annual basis, but the last time I was there was 2019.

How did you discover it?

Ian spent most of his twenties living in Tuscany and knows it extremely well. I was introduced to Pietrasanta by him. He speaks fluent Italian, so I completely hand over to him and let him organise everything – it is great.

What's your favourite memory?

I have so many memories that they have probably all morphed into one. It is a very beautiful, arty town. My favourite recollection is sitting with my parents in the square looking up at the town's illuminated walls with the kids running around chasing bubbles. There are so many lovely restaurants which all spill onto the street and I have never had a disappointing meal.

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Who do you take?

I went for many years with my parents and my kids, so it is bittersweet to go back now that my parents are no longer here, but we have so many good memories. It will always have a special place in my heart.

What do you take?

As little as possible. I am a total scruff on holiday, especially summer holidays. I have no desire to "get dressed up for dinner". My usual attire is shorts and a T-shirt, with a lightweight dress in the evening.

What do you leave behind?

Gelato. I probably eat my bodyweight in the stuff when I am there.

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Sum it up in five words.

Peaceful. Beautiful. Foodie. Slow-paced. Warm.

What other travel spot is on your wish list?

Portpatrick. The southwest corner of Scotland is somewhere I have rarely travelled to and hear so many great things about. As well as Portpatrick, I would love to visit Wigtown during the book festival and also Kirkcudbright. I have visions of staying in a lighthouse. God knows why.

Kaye Adams is a judge on Scotland's Best Dog which continues on BBC Scotland, Thursdays, 8pm