Boris Johnson will address the nation today as the Omicron variant causes waves around the country. 

Cases are being identified around the UK following the discovery of the new variant, which has the potenttal to be more transmissaible, in South Africa last week. 

England has reintroduced restrictions in an attempt to curb the virus, including compulsary face coverings on public transport and in shops from 4am today.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, face masks in these settings and in hospitality venues have been compulsary since summer 2020. 

Boris Johnson is expected to discuss the new restrictions he has imposed in his Covid announcement today, as well as provide an update on the Omicron variant situation in England. 

Although he is Prime Minister of the UK, health is a devolved matter so restrictions he introduces do not necessarily apply to Scotland. 

Here's how you can tune into Boris Johnson's Covid update this afternoon...

What time is Boris Johnson's Covid update this afternoon?

It is yet to be officially confirmed but reports suggest that the Covid press conference will take place at 4pm this afternoon. 

How can I watch Boris Johnson's Covid update? 

You will be able to watch Boris Johnson's Covid update on all major news channels, including BBC News and Sky News. 

It will also likely be live streamed on the UK government's social media pages. 

Do his announcements apply to Scotland? 

Health is devolved so Boris Johnson's announcements on Covid restrictions do not apply to Scotland. 

However, the UK is taking a four nations approach to travel, meaning any travel announcements are likely to apply to all four nations.