People are being encouraged to take lateral flow tests to help curb the spread of Omicron, however these are currently not available to order on the government website. 

Previously, lateral flow tests have been available to order for free from the government website, however on Monday morning, a message read that there were no more home LFD tests available. 

When people log on to try and order lateral flow tests, the following message appears: "Sorry, there are no more home test kits available right now.

"Try again later. Or, you can go back and try to book a test site appointment instead."

So where can you get lateral flow tests? Here's what you need to know...

Where can I get lateral flow tests?

Although lateral flow tests are not currently available to order, you can pick them up in person from various locations. These include: 

  • local pharmacies 
  • Covid testing centres
  • nursery or childcare provider
  • schools, colleges and universities 
  • some workplaces 

How do I know if my local pharmacy has lateral flow tests?

You can find out if your local pharmacy had lateral flow tests by using the postcode finder here.

How to report lateral flow tests? 

After taking a lateral flow test, you must report the result on the government website. 

You will then receive a text with confirmation of the result. 

To log your Covid lateral flow test result, first visit the government website.

You should report your result to the NHS every time you take a lateral flow and as soon as possible after the result as come through; after 24 hours you will no longer be able to report the outcome of your test. 

It gives you the option to sign in and create an account, where the details of all your tests will be stored. 

If you are running short on time you can continue as a guest, but your test results will not be saved for future. 

The form will then ask you some administrative questions, including who you are reporting the results for and which country you live in. 

It will also ask you why you have taken the test. 

You then have to enter the test ID number which can be found below the QR code on the testing strip. 

Alternatively, if you are on your phone, you can scan the QR code. 

Once you have completed the form, you should recieve a confirmation text which you can use as proof to enter some events in Scotland.