This is a recipe I have held onto for many years - I’m quite reluctant to let it go but these nuts are so good I would rather you all knew about how good they are! These are great for giving out as gifts or sitting back on Christmas day after lunch to nibble on whilst watching the television! WARNING – They are extremely addictive!



125g Caster sugar

50g Water

375g Mixed nuts – pecans / hazelnuts / pistachios

15g butter

2tbsp Caster sugar & 1 Tbsp. Ground cinnamon – Mixed



In a medium to large sized pan heat the sugar and water on a medium heat until boiling. Add the mixed nuts to this and stir with a wooden spoon. The nuts will be coated with the sugar mixture and have a crystallised texture to them - It’s important at this stage that you continue to stir the nuts constantly at this point.

Keep stirring the nuts until the sugar coating starts to turn to a caramel. Once they are all evenly coated in caramel add the butter and remove from the heat. This allows the nuts to slightly separate from the sugar. Remove from the pan and turn out on to a sheet of greaseproof paper. Dust immediately with the cinnamon sugar and allow to cool.

Once cool store in air tight containers or kilner jars. Enjoy!



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