The Ursid meteor shower is set to light up the skies tonight as earth passes through a cloud of cometary dust. 

This particular shooting star display is expected to peak in the late hours of December 21 and the early hours December 22. 

Although less prolific than other meteor showers, you can still see up to five shooting stars per hour when Ursid is at its peak. 

Here's how to catch it in Scotland tonight...

Can I see Ursid meteor shower in Scotland tonight?

Clear weather conditions give the best chance of seeing shooting stars during the Ursid meteor shower. 

Weather conditions across Scotland vary this evening, with much of the central belt looking cloudy, while further north could be clearer. 

Either way, you are most likely to catch the meteor shower in a location away from any light pollution like street lamps. 

Astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Dr Greg Brown gave these tips for spotting the shooting stars: "Try and find a place with a low horizon to grant yourself the best view of the sky, and wait for the early hours of the morning when the shower will be at its best.

"Fill your view with as much of the sky as possible (a deckchair can be a real help here) and wait.

"Eventually, you’ll see the bright streaks of light that are due to the Earth smashing into a trail of dust left behind the Comet 8P/Tuttle.

"But most importantly of all for this mid-winter display, don’t forget to wrap up warm."