The Good Morning Britain presenter Kate Garraway has described spending Christmas Eve with her husband for the first time since he fell seriously ill with coronavirus as the "biggest gift".

Garraway's 54-year-old husband, Derek Draper spent last December in hospital after he contracted the virus. 

Since then the former political adviser has been reunited with his wife and children, Darcey and Billy at their family home. 

The presenter spoke on Good Morning Britain, saying that there was still a "long, long way to go" in terms of his recovery, but said she felt grateful to have him home for the festive time. 

She also updated viewers on his heath saying "Obviously, he still has extraordinary problems with communication, mobility is very limited, massive problems with fatigue."

Garraway also reflected on last Christmas for her family: "Last Christmas Eve, we did have a lot of promise and a lot of hope. But Derek was in hospital.

“We had no idea whether he was going to live or die, praying that it was going in the right direction."

Adding that she wanted to thank the staff that helped her husband saying "A huge amount of gratitude for all the staff, the NHS teams that have kept him alive, and grateful that he was still alive as many other people have lost their life.

“And this year, of course, he’s home so we are spending Christmas together, and that is the biggest gift."

Garrawy did also admit that they still have some fears for her husband's health and said there is still a long way to go.