SCOTRAIL has named a train in honour of a motor neurone disease campaigner who lost his battle with the illness aged just 31. 

Gordon Aikman was pioneering in the fight to double the number of MND nurses in Scotland, and to fund them via the NHS. He also raised more than £500,000 for medical research.

Mr Aikman was diagnosed with the condition while working as director of research for the Better Together campaign in 2014.

He was honoured at the Herald Politician of the Year Awards in November 2014.

The First Minister announced a review of MND care in Scotland after meeting the campaigner in November 2014.


ScotRail shared a video on Twitter as they named one of their new Intercity's trains after the campaigner.

They said: "Gordon Aikman was just 29 when he was diagnosed with MND.

"In the three years before his passing, he raised over £500,000 to help find a cure and secured major changes to improve MND patients' lives.

"It is our privilege to honour his life by naming a train after him."