With 60,000 people now signed up to the Climate Solutions Accelerator course, 2022 is set to be a year of positive change, writes Mike Robinson, Chief Executive of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society 


SO here we are in January 2022; the start of another new year, and an important one for climate change and biodiversity.

Many of us will have started this new year with thoughts and ideas of what we might like to do differently. I have spoken to dozens of friends and contacts who all found 2021 to be a challenging and tough year. 

Much of it was anxiety inducing, stressful, emotionally difficult and draining. I don’t think I’ve ever worked so incessantly hard. 

As a result, the whole of 2021 just felt relentlessly negative.   

But with 2022, we are faced with a brand-new year, and I would like to think there is a real sense of hope and optimism. In fact, I am determined to make sure 2022 is better. 

Can 2022 perhaps become a year of relentless positivity? And what would that take?

Of course, many of the issues of 2021 have not gone away, and therefore still need to be tackled.  

But if we can lift our ambition and take the time to explore and understand the climate solutions that need to take place, and start implementing them, then I do believe the next 12 months can become relentlessly positive. To be fair this has already begun.

We launched the online climate change course, the Climate Solutions Accelerator, around Christmas 2020. 

We already have over 60,000 people signed up, with additional interest from all over the world.

Although Covid is still a live issue, and causing much disruption and distress, climate change still remains more of a worry, long term.

And for most of this year, the UK Government retains the chair of the international climate negotiations.   

Glasgow’s COP26 didn’t deliver everything many of us may have wished. But it did raise the profile of Scotland’s leadership on climate change in international circles.

As a result of COP26, many of our leading businesses committed to net zero targets, well ahead of Government targets, making pledges to become net zero by 2030, 2035 or 2040.

However, it is apparent that many organisations are ill equipped to reach these net zero targets and, in many cases, do not necessarily entirely understand what would be required to do so.

For those of us inclined to make New Year's resolutions, then this year, more than any other, I hope people will commit to learn about climate change.  

If we all take the time to properly understand the solutions that all of us have a role in helping to deliver, I believe our businesses and organisations will be stronger for it.

Only by addressing climate change and tackling it at scale can we have the confidence in our own societies and economies.

The Climate Solutions courses, the Climate Solutions Accelerator and the Climate Solutions Professional, which we have written with experts at the University of Edinburgh, University of Stirling and the Institute of Directors, helps to make that learning as simple as possible.

For those who have already undertaken the training there have been some remarkable reactions and a real sense of purpose and responsibility.

The more people who take this training, especially at a management level, the more robust our businesses and institutions will be. 

With Scotland leading the way, the more we can help our friends and allies internationally to follow suit.

We are all on a journey to reduce our carbon emissions.  And there is still a great deal to do.

But if we can take the time during 2022 for everyone to learn about the science and solutions of climate change, we will be incredibly well placed to make a difference domestically, and in a very strong position to share and sell that expertise to every country that is further behind on their journey – and that is almost all of them.

If Glasgow’s COP26 taught us anything, it is that every government in the world is having to take this issue seriously. Our own government, while still having much to do is well ahead of most other major economies. 

Taking a continued lead on climate change is not just ethically and morally the right thing to do, it is fast becoming the most economically sensible route too. And the only one that assures us of a safe future.

Let’s make 2022 the year we took climate change action seriously. 
Take a Climate Solutions course and get up to speed quickly with what we need to know and do. Help play your part in making 2022 a year of relentless positivity!

Go online now at  climatesolutionsnetwork.com or for more information 
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